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How to login or create a developer account

To use GoToDevelopers APIs, you must have a LogMeIn account. There is no charge for the developer account.

If you have an account for a LogMeIn product on GoToDevelopers, you can use your login for that product for GoToDevelopers. Choose Sign In in the menu. If you’ve forgotten your password or login, follow the prompts in Sign In.

If you do not have a LogMeIn account, you can create one using the GoToDevelopers site.

  1. Here in the GoToDevelopers site, click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner.
  2. In Sign Up for a LogMeIn account, enter your first name, last name, email, and a password. Confirm the password and click Sign up. The Verify Your Email screen displays.

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  1. Go to the email account you used to create the login, and open the email from LogMeIn. Copy the verification code from the body of the email.

  2. Paste the code in Verify Your Email and click Continue.

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  1. Your account is created and verified, and you are sent to the OAuth client page.

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You can start exploring and coding immediately. View How to get started!