API Status

GoTo Developer Center Changelog

Role Sets API
Adding a new Role Sets API. This API allows integrators to manage account roles and set permissions for any given role.
Send Fax
You can now send a fax via an API, look at the documentation here.
Get Extension
You can now get an extension number here.
Create Extension
You can now create a new extension number here.
PATCH on Messaging Subscriptions
You can now update the eventTypes on the messaging subscriptions. See the documentation here.
Leg IDs on Voicemail Events
Leg IDs are now available on voicemail events. See the documentation here.
Add Phone Numbers Permissions
You can now add permissions for an user in a phone number, like enable SMS. See the documentation here.
Update callerIdName Information on Phone Numbers
You can now update callerIdName information on a phone number. See the documentation here.
Update routeTo Information on Phone Numbers
You can now update routeTo information on a phone number. See the documentation here.
joinURL on Get Meeting Requests
The GoToMeeting requests Get meeting, Get upcoming meetings, Get upcoming meetings by organizer and Get upcoming meetings by group do now include the joinURL in the meeting object response. This URL can be used by participants to join the meeting.
Presence API
Adding a new Presence API. This API allows applications to get/set user presence, do not disturb state and receive notifications about it.
Call History API
Adding a new Call History API. This API allows applications to get the user call history.
Voice Admin API
Adding a new Voice Admin API. This API allows applications to access phone numbers within an account (Organization).
Voicemail API
Adding a new Voicemail API. This API enables management and retrieval of voicemails, voicemail boxes, transcripts, and voicemail notifications.
Blind-Transfers for Call Control API
Added blind-transfer endpoint to call-control/v1 API to allow an account admin to perform an unattended transfer on a call-leg Transfers a call leg to a new destination.
Meeting Rooms API
GoToMeeting API now supports getting the profile meeting (aka Personal Meeting Room) for a given user Meeting Rooms API.
Group texting in Messaging API
GoToConnect Messaging API now supports sending text messages to up to 10 recipients in GoToConnect Messaging API.
New GoToWebinar SDK version 2.9.0
The GoToWebinar SDK 2.9.0 version is available. You can find the new version in the Java and .NET SDK guides.
GoToConnect Fax API
You can now get your faxes with the new Fax API. You can also get notified when a new fax is received. Have a look at the documentation here.
GoToWebinar: Admin Can Search Across Completed Recording Assets
Admin can now search across completed recording asserts of users they manage. See the specification change here.
GoToWebinar: Get Recording Assets by Webinar
You can now get all the recording assets associated with online recordings of a webinar. See the change here.
GoToConnect Web Calls API: Refresh Endpoint Deprecated
The Refresh an existing session endpoint is now deprecated.
Signature on Webhooks
Clients can secure their webhook endpoints by validating the authenticity of requests received via the newly supported notification signature protocol described here.
Call Control API
You can now pause/unpause recordings with the new call control API. The documentation can be read here!
Super Admin on the Messaging API
Super admin are no longer required to be associated to all phone numbers (DID) of an organization (pbx) to send/receive messages from the messaging API. They can act on the behalf of another user that has the permission to do such actions.
Webhook Notification Channel in the Realtime API
Webhook notification channel can now be used to receive events from the GoToConnect realtime API.
New Notifications on Ringing
New notifications are available on the ringing action in the Web Calls API.
New GoToCore Java SDK version 2.1.2
Version 2.1.2 adds a redirect URI parameter to the OAuth2Api.getAccessTokenResponse method. This parameter is required for clients with more than one redirect URI.
Users with the Configure PBX Permission Can List Users/Lines
Users with the Configure PBX Permission can list users/lines via the Users v1 API.
Recording URLs in GoToWebinar APIs
Recording URLs can now be returned in the recording search assets responses. Have a look at the updated doc here.
Super Admin Allowed on GoToConnect Calls v2 API
Super admin can initiate calls on the behalf of another user via the calls v2 API.
GoToConnect Web Calls API
The new GoToConnect web calls API is available! The documentation is available here.
Improved Admin Documentation
The Admin API documentation is now representing the whole set of path that are available for developers. This updated version can be consulted here.
Improved Postman Collections
The developer portal now offers Postman collections for download directly from each API. Each API has its Postman collection available for download in the top right of its respective API page. For more information about using Postman, consult the How to use Postman API collections guide.
Delivery Status for GoToConnect Messaging
GoToConnect Messaging API now offers delivery status notifications in case of errors.
Get Start Webinar Url
A new endpoint to get the start URL of a webinar is available in the GoToWebinar APIs.
New GoToWebinar SDK version 2.5.0
The GoToWebinar SDK 2.5.0 version is available. You can find the new version in the Java and .NET SDK guides.
Copy Webinar
A new endpoint to copy a webinar is available in the GoToWebinar APIs.
List Users and Lines of an Account
A new endpoint to list the users of an account is available in the GoToConnect Users API.
Realtime Line v1 Events No Longer Supported
The line Realtime events are no longer supported. Please use the line.v2 events instead.
New GoToMeeting SDK version 1.2
The GoToMeeting SDK does now support .Net Standard 2.0. You can find the new version in the SDK guide.
End of Support for GoToConnect Authentication API
The GoToConnect Authentication API is no longer supported. Please use the LogMeIn Authentication API instead.
Use userKey Instead of Email in GoToConnect Users API
In the Users API, userKey should be used instead of the user email. The userKey matches the one from the Admin API. The email is deprecated.
Organization Super Admin Can Now List Lines of Another User in GoToConnect Users API
In the Users API, an organization super admin can now list lines of another user.
Error Handling Improvements for GoToMeeting APIs

For API requests with required date/time values as parameters, we do now always return an error 400 if the supplied values are invalid (was 400, 404, or 500 before).

If the email for the API request Get organizer by email is invalid we do now return an error 400 (was 500 before).

Limit Active Sessions Realtime API
In the realtime API, there is now a limit on how many active sessions can be alive per user (active session here means an open session with an active websocket connection). This limit for a single user is 30, after which we respond with 400 Bad Request.
Retry-After Header in Messaging API
When a limit is reached on the GoToConnect Messaging API, a Retry-After header is returned with the value to wait in seconds before retrying.
Media in GoToConnect Messaging API
We can now send media from the GoToConnect Messaging API. The media that are sent or received are also available on the webhook notifications.
Rate Limiting on GoToConnect Call Reports API
The documentation of the GoToConnect Call Reports API was updated. The API will return a http status of 429 if too much requests are done from a client.